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Law 101: The 3 Types of Assault

Law 101: The 3 Types of Assault

The law is there to maintain peace and order. However, with a variety of emotions and situations occurring every single day, there are times that the laws can be violated. Engaging with professionals providing legal services in Illinois may become a necessity.

Crimes exist due to a number of situations, one leading to another. With these things in mind, this article tackles assault which, at times, may be a result of anger and other negative emotions.

What Is an Assault?

While different states may have varying legal definitions of assault, in general, it is the act of inflicting physical pain or harm or unwanted physical contact on another person. This act can be a criminal offense and result in criminal liability, as well as civil liability. If you find yourself in a legal situation involving assault, it is always best to find appropriate legal solutions from an experienced lawyer.

3 Types of Assault

Assault as a criminal offense can come in 3 types. Check out what these types are below.

  1. Criminal Assault

    Criminal assault is generally characterized by, in simple terms, an intentional threat to harm the other person. No physical contact nor violence has taken place. But, in most cases, the threat is real to the victim. In a court of law, criminal assault can either be a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on various factors.

    Example: A criminal assault may have already been committed by merely swinging a punch to a person without it physically connecting.

  2. Assault and Battery

    In this type of assault, physical contact or harm has been made after delivering a threat. The perpetrator has intentionally or purposefully harmed the victim.

    Example: A wife sees her husband with another woman. After delivering a few threats, the wife proceeds to assault the other woman, leaving scratches and bruises.

    It is important to take note that assault and battery may differ in various jurisdictions. Consulting with a law firm in Chicago, Illinois will be best if you are facing such charge.

  3. Aggravated Assault

    With aggravated assault, a more serious crime has been committed by a perpetrator along with a threat. This often results in a felony punishable by law. In most cases, a weapon such as a knife or a gun is present. Aggravated assault can either be of the first degree, second degree, or third degree, depending on severity.

    Example: A perpetrator intent on raping the victim aims a gun at the latter then proceeds with the crime.

The O’Neal Law Firm provides criminal defense services and other legal services to help our clients in the specific legal situations they are in. Call us today.

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