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Family law

Family Law in Chicago

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Divorce proceedings tend to hassle both parties affected. Here at The O’Neal Law Firm, we have accumulated top-notch expertise over the hundred years of experience in Illinois family law. We guide our clients through the process and would also require the help of experts such as: forensic CPA, child psychologist or a licensed mental health counselor to get the best possible outcome. With the application of mediation, litigation, collaborative law or a combination of all three, cases can be resolved through strategic negotiation and assertive courtroom skills that take into consideration custody and property distribution.

We diligently represent our clients with confidence and tireless effort. We believe that we can alleviate your marital and family law issues, and can provide you with the best and realistic options available. If you require more information, our staff and attorneys would gladly address your concerns. Please contact us at 312-345-7500.