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The Types of Legal Solutions and Services You Must Know

The Types of Legal Solutions and Services You Must Know

You may already have a sense of what the law means, and what its implications are when individuals do not adhere to it. Law, however, is very broad and encompasses a variety of areas. Lawyers and attorneys even choose the area in which they are comfortable practicing and therefore would specialize in. Many people do not fully understand the difference between the various law practices, and therefore, when a problem arises, they would not know where to turn.

While there are many aspects to each one, legal services are usually categorized into 4 major types, each covering their own fields. When faced with a problem and finding yourself in need of legal services in Illinois, it is good to know the different types, so that you will know the kind of attorney you need, and where to seek the appropriate legal solution:

  • Business Law

    Business Law—or sometimes referred to as Corporate Law—covers all issues that arise or may arise in the course of business operations. This may include—but is not limited to—the opening of new branches, subsidiaries, and handling relationships with other businesses and the public alike. Most businesses, especially corporate ones, have their own attorney who oversees and handles all legal matters that come up in the company or firm. The attorney also advises on the appropriate steps to take in order to avoid legal repercussions.

  • Criminal Law

    Usually, the one most associated with the term “law” by many people, Criminal Law handles everything that falls under “crimes”, as directed by the constitution of a country. Individuals who commit murder, robbery, kidnapping, and other crimes can choose an attorney to represent them and their case against the prosecutions presented in the court of law. These cases are usually handled and labeled as “crimes against the state”.

  • Personal Injury Law

    Accidents on the road and incidents in the workplace that lead to injuries on people fall under this type of law service. Such matters will be handled by lawyers in a way that each party will get the justice they deserve. In most cases, the matter will be cleared if the offending party agrees to pay just compensation for the damages.

  • Family Law

    Family Law involves and includes all matters relating to family relationships. This would include:

    • Divorce – the lawyer guides through the application and the legal processes involved
    • Child Custody – the legal process of securing child custody rights after a couple separates
    • Property Sharing – involves a delicate process of handling property left by a deceased

The O’Neal Law Firm is a trusted law firm in Chicago, Illinois that provides legal solutions to various issues and problems that may arise in your personal life, family, or company. We are a team of dedicated and skilled lawyers who stand for integrity and aim for sure-fire victory. We make sure to assist you throughout the whole legal process in order to achieve success.

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